Urban Turtles in Alabama? A Talk with the Founder of the Urban Turtle Project

What do turtles and Alabama have in common? Come to find out, more than you think. Recently, I learned that not only is Alabama was one of the centers of turtle biodiversity in the world, but that there is an organization that is dedicated to educating people on “urban” turtles.

An snapping turtle, courtesy of the Urban Turtle project
photo courtesy of the Urban Turtle Project

I recently had the chance to talk with Dr. Andy Coleman, an assistant professor at Talladega College in Alabama, about urban turtles.  Andy is a herpetologist who is passionate about educating anyone who will listen about the importance of reptiles and amphibians.  I have known Andy for years, and we have talked previously on my Racket channel about his work with students using our jaguar trail cam photos from Inspire EdVentures. Andy has always been an innovator, and his outreach programs are inspirational to say the least.

But I am going to let Andy tell you himself about why you should care about turtles, and his Urban Turtle Project.

A talk with Dr Andy Coleman at the Urban Turtle Project

How can you help support Andy and his grassroots turtle education project? Most importantly, learn more about conservation organizations in your area that support biodiversity preservation. Then, follow Andy and the Urban Turtle Project on YouTube and Facebook.

Feeling a little more generous? Then grab an Urban Turtle shirt or hat from his website!

Shirts from the Urban Turtle Project
A shirt from the Urban Turtle Project