I am a huge fan of podcasts. From science to history and comedy, I try to listen to podcasts several times a day. I am Here are some of my articles about podcasts I have liked, links to those that I have been a guest on, and soon, a few podcasts from the Racket profile (@mwindelspecht).

Racket Chat on Genome Editing, Viruses, and a Bunch of Biology Stuff

I recently had the chance to try out a new platform called Racket with my friend Maria Tarmoun, a fellow curator at Bookshlf who posts content across a spectrum of topics. Racket allows you to have brief (9 minute) conversations, sort of a mini-podcast. For this session Maria and I talked about a wide range of topics based on our Bookshlf science posts - from genome editing to philosophical conversations on whether viruses are "alive" ...
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