I am a huge fan of podcasts. From science to history and comedy, I try to listen to podcasts several times a day. I recently launched the Long Ways podcast which takes a humorous look at our hikes through Europe. Here are also some of my articles about podcasts I have liked, links to those that I have been a guest on, and soon, a few podcasts from the Racket profile (@mwindelspecht).

Urban Turtles in Alabama? A Talk with the Founder of the Urban Turtle Project

What do turtles and Alabama have in common? Come to find out, more than you think. Recently, I learned that not only is Alabama was one of the centers of turtle biodiversity in the world, but that there is an organization that is dedicated to educating people on “urban” turtles. photo courtesy of the Urban Turtle Project I recently had the chance to talk with Dr. Andy Coleman, an assistant professor at Talladega College in ...
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A Racket Chat…About Tapir Conservation

Although I am a biologist, if a few years ago you had shown me a picture of a tapir, I would have guessed that it was either an elephant, an anteater, or maybe even a pig. Probably like you, I would never have been exposed to these amazing animals if it wasn't for a series of trips to Belize as part of our edventures with my partners at Inspire EdVentures. Fast forward a decade, and ...
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Bringing Jaguars to Alabama

For almost a decade, I have been working with my partners at Inspire EdVentures to bring student groups to Belize on edventures. Sometimes these edventures are college courses, other times they are groups of adult learners who want a different way of experiencing the natural wonders of Belize. But regardless of the age or educational level of the participant, one of the highlights is always our lessons on jaguars. Several years ago, we learned that ...
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Racket Chat on Genome Editing, Viruses, and a Bunch of Biology Stuff

I recently had the chance to try out a new platform called Racket with my friend Maria Tarmoun, a fellow curator at Bookshlf who posts content across a spectrum of topics. Racket allows you to have brief (9 minute) conversations, sort of a mini-podcast. For this session Maria and I talked about a wide range of topics based on our Bookshlf science posts - from genome editing to philosophical conversations on whether viruses are "alive" ...
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