Giving Back

From supporting conservation partners in Belize during a pandemic, to making science education available to anyone who wants to learn, I try to integrate philanthropy into all of my endeavors.

The articles on this page will highlight some of those activities, and also explain my philosophy of how I choose my giving back projects. The goal is to give you some ideas on how you can also make a difference in the lives of others.

A Racket Chat…About Tapir Conservation

Although I am a biologist, if a few years ago you had shown me a picture of a tapir, I would have guessed that it was either an elephant, an anteater, or maybe even a pig. Probably like you, I would never have been exposed to these amazing animals if it wasn't for a series of trips to Belize as part of our edventures with my partners at Inspire EdVentures. Fast forward a decade, and multiple trips to Belize and the experience to meet with some of the experts in that country on tapirs. And of course, they are the ...
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Bringing Jaguars to Alabama

For almost a decade, I have been working with my partners at Inspire EdVentures to bring student groups to Belize on edventures. Sometimes these edventures are college courses, other times they are groups of adult learners who want a different way of experiencing the natural wonders of Belize. But regardless of the age or educational level of the participant, one of the highlights is always our lessons on jaguars. Several years ago, we learned that there had been signs of jaguars close to our camp at the Sleeping Giant Resort, just south of Belmopan Belize on the Sibun River. One ...
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